Three Seas

A Quick Recap

to keep events straight

After dispatching countless assassins, Our Heroes, Dōmr Blæwaz, Kiran and Jasper go their separate ways.

  • Our heroes are reunited with Abbud Taneen, who had been by then been revealed by Mutazzim to be an assassin set by The Listener, Ulu’ummin Yu Guriq to kill Kiran.
  • Kiran and Muttazim hit it off, however, and begin what promises to be a torrid and complex romance.
  • This revelation (and relationship) takes a backseat, however, to the ongoing attempts to kill Kiran, as exemplified by the Termites and the Brotherhood of Black Knives.
  • Abbas Shivin has proven to be a slippery bastard already, and Dromos Kagano basically offered to pay Our Heroes to bring Mateen Kadari to “justice” and into Dromos’ custody.
  • After some debate with Kiran, Dōmr Blæwaz and Jasper conclude that they should not kill Mateen on the spot (though Dōmr really wanted to) and instead will collect a wyrgeld for the attack on their persons.
  • The heroes track Kadari into the undercity, where they encounter more of Kadari’s rather inept assassins, and eventually confront the priest high himself in a hidden grotto beneath what Kadari called The Gyre, an inverted whirlpool marking where the magical pull of the Diadem of Tides actually lifts the waters off the sea floor, creating this little pocket of air. Kadari is a bitter, defeated man when they confront him, convinced that his life’s work has been ruined, but he readily agreed to call off the Black Knives and to pay reparations to Dōmr’s tribe in the form of 24 goats.
  • This, however, is where things get dicey. Immediately after this agreement is secured, Abbud Taneen attempts to arrest Kadari, though Dōmr blocks his initial sword swing.
  • Kadari takes this opportunity to cut his own wrists, preferring death to capture, but Kiran seals his wounds shut before the first spurt finishes. Abbud then clubs him unconscious with the flat of his blade, but he vanishes into thin air before he hits the ground.
  • Abbud and Kiran assume that Jasper, who has demonstrated his proficiency with invisibility, must be to blame, and Kiran orders him to reveal himself and Kadari. The scene closes with Kiran shouting into an empty room.

A few days later:

  • Kiran is holding a private audience with Mutazzim Al Walahi when the tatoos which denote her position in the succession of Radhna spontaneously shift, indicating that she is now second in line, due to the death of her cousin.
  • A flurry of communication follows, including Dōmr traversing a lightning bolt to Radhna in a matter of seconds, in order to obtain more information.
  • The princess was killed by strangling shadows, a form of illusion magic, casting suspicion on the gnomish assassin clans.
  • Jasper investigates this, and verifies that while it is possible that a gnome assassin did the deed, no clans are claiming credit, and the Termites don’t have that kind of reach.
  • Kirab’s remaining cousin is sent to Arafel “for her protection,” and after an initial greeting the two siblings are forbidden from ever being in the same place at the same time.
  • Jasper returns to heroic form and to Kiran’s defense by neutralizing the Tsieu Bao assassins attempting to eliminate both princess during their one and only meeting.
  • Jasper arranges for the transportation of the captured assassins by hiring an older minotaurs named Edelbert the Wrong, a sad sack whom Jasper immediately decides to befriend.
  • Various interrogation techniques and mystical examinations reveal that the assassins were in fact enslaved by the Unconquered Sun, who wanted to foment war and unrest among the unassimilated elves.
  • During this time it is also revealed that the Second Sun is not a “true” hive, but an arrangement of hierarchical command nodes (“His Lesser Stars”).
  • During the attempts to examine the one captive spy Adara didn’t summarily execute, the captive’s mind is shown (via an illusory projection) to contain nothing but the sun. As the interrogation progresses, he begins to smolder and burn. In a fit of desperation, Jasper gathers local shadows and forms the illusion of an eclipse, which he casts into the assassin’s head. It takes everything he has, but it breaks the Second Sun’s control of his puppet… leaving nothing behind.
  • Kiran, feeling betrayed by an entity with whom she had secretly hoped for peace, and realizing the depth of violation that becoming a member of the Second Sun indicates, resolves to cling to her ideals of peace and justice, but also to destroy such monsters.
  • Jasper takes the vegetative assassin to a gnome mistress of Restoration magic, who rebuilt a person out of what was left. However, even she is unable to restore his former sense of self. The reborn elf calls himself Eclipse, after his first memory (Jasper’s illusion) and is given into the care of Liu Sheng Tzi.
  • Jasper and Kiran reconcile, at least somewhat, over the issue of Mateen Kadari though it remains a sore spot.

Later still:

  • Word reaches Jasper and Kiran that Mateen Kadari and other members of his cult have been captured and imprisoned in Stillcrypt, the dwarven prison island.
  • While Kiran has a private audience with Mutazzim Al Walahi, dicusssing love and politics, Jasper slips away to infiltrate the prison.
  • Kiran begins testing the waters for an alliance between Radhna and the dragonkin, though considerations of both geography and vastly different cultures make this difficult.
  • Jasper commissions a stealth raft trip to Stillcrypt, only to find Dromos Kagano also covertly visiting the prison. Using his mastery of invisibility, the gnome assassin slips into the prison by following Kagano.
  • Kagano begins questioning Mateen Kadari about the whereabouts of the keys that would allow Kagano into the whitestone chamber containing the Crown of Tides.
  • Things begin to get intense between Kiran and Mutazzim. Passions are high, and both conversants grow more committed to their ideals and their people, but also to pursuing what is between them. Al-Walahi also reveals that he is a direct descendant of Aisha of the Nameless, as exemplified by his very human countenance and his bright blue eyes (before her adventures in the North, Aisha was dark of hair, eye, and complexion, but whatever happened in the mountains sent her home with blue eyes and white hair, which has marked her descendants since).
  • Kagano takes Kadari to the torture chamber below Stillcrypt, where Turpin the Robust is imprisoned awaiting torture, Patir the Staid is being stretched on vertical rack, John Trout is having his skin removed in one inch strips, and someone is trapped in an iron maiden.
  • It is at this point that Jasper decides enough is enough. Darting through the shadows like a serpent, he kills all of the torturers, the gatekeeper, and Kagano’s two personal guards in a single frenzied flurry of shadow and steel Radhna Ironwood.
  • Unfortunately, Dromos himself manages to evade Jasper’s next attack and even sees his face before teleporting away like the cheating bastard he is.
  • By now, things between Kiran and Mutazzim have moved beyond words and into “tasteful fade to black” territory.
  • Jasper takes the keystones from the fallen gatekeeper and with some trial and error he locates the “master keys.” Gathering up the most weaponlike torture devices, he opens all of the cells and manacles he can as he flits from shadow to shadow, leaving the impromptu weapons behind from the guards.
  • Under the cover of the rioting prisoners, Jasper and the tortured people slip out, cloaked in illusion, to Dromos’ barge, which they ride back to the city.
  • Jasper sinks the boat and carries the torture victims back to Kiran’s clinic, just in time to interrupt the fun part between her and the Dragonkin prince.
  • Things get tense for a bit, especially as Kiran insists that Jasper has somehow done something wrong because “those law abiding torturers probably had families!” and something about the importance of the rule of law. Jasper’s nonchalance (“What law? I broke none of the laws of my People”) only seemed to infuriate her further.
  • Nevertheless, this was a win. Kiran and Jasper managed to keep the Crown from being disturbed for just a little longer.



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