Three Seas

  • Our heroes settle down in Yesod for the harsh northern winter, have a lot of arguments.
  • Faziad il Rabin makes business contacts everywhere, as normal.
  • They discover the Monastery at Yesod and its vast library, and discover the presumed origins of the Three Artifacts, linking them to ancient deities/avatars: Hadad/Teshub, Yom/Leviathan, and Mot/Ba’al.
  • They argue some more, and then continue their journey.
  • They battle cloakers, bug monsters, human centipedes, and giant pumice belching slime dragons.
  • They encounter the greatest of these beasts, which Dōmr Blæwaz and Kiran stall until Jasper traps it in “twenty centuries of stony sleep,” at which point it melds with the mountain.
  • Our heroes proceed to Teshub‘s throne, where they find Tauron’s skeleton collapsed in the process of thrusting The Sword of Storms into Teshub’s chest, amid a city full of minotaur skeletons and a jungle of poison-spewing necromantic black roses.
  • Dōmr pulls the sword out of the skeleton, revealing the hole in existence that the Sword was plugging, through which all the corruption of the North was flowing.
  • Kiran attempts to plug the hole with her scimitar. It predictably fails. She tells the others to flee while she attempts to hold back the corruption. Jasper knocks her unconscious and Dōmr teleports them away.
  • To contain the corruption, Dōmr buries the whole valley under glacial ice and snow, using the The Sword, with whom he has achieved some kind of understanding
  • Our Heroes argue some more, and then head south.



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