Three Seas

I just want to KILL!

  • Dōmr Blæwaz spends some time investigating the Dragonkin settlements to the south before returning to Arafel in a blast of lightning.
  • Noting the mage’s return, Jasper engages him to kill Dromos Kagano
  • After meeting with Turpin the Robust, Patir the Staid, and Sam Trout, Dōmr agrees.
  • They devise a plan to lure Kagano out of hiding; Dōmr uses Necromancy to reanimate a handful of Kagano’s ancestors, which they sneak into the Nixor Lux and use in an assault the guards Dromos had statiined there.
  • Using the zombies and a ghost as a distraction, Jasper slips into the areaand incapacitates all of the guards, waking one long enough to flash a replica of The Crown of Tides | The Crown of Tides]] at him and say “you lose” before vanishing.
  • Rather than following the breadcrumbs back to the Kagano family crypt, Dromos grabs a bunch of dearves and sets fire to the gnomish warrens to flush Jasper out.
  • Only vaguely aware of this, Jasper slips into the Kagano home, hoping to catch him there, but settling for questioning his wife, while Dōmr talks with Argus Morogo, the two of them incidentally and independently comfirming that Dromos’ current behavior is out of character.
  • From this and from Jasper sensing illusion magic in Kagano’s presence before, Jasper and Dromos determine that Kagano is also being controlled by an outside force.
  • After a tense showdown involving Dromos using his own nephew as a body shield, Jasper (using illusion) and Dōmr (using spiritual Necromancy) manage to destroy the force manipulating Dromos, though doing so sends the dwarf into a deep sleep from which he might not awaken.
  • Jasper likens this to the Lesser Stars of the Second Sun, which Dōmr, upon hearing it described, likens to Fae magic. He goes to Pallavan representative in the area to meditate on the matter, receiving a vision of some malevolent dominant force coming down from the fae mountain, a force somehow opposed by the Doom to the North.



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