Three Seas

Into the North

a new threat

Our Heroes begin to journey north on a quest to retrieve The Sword of Storms to wield against the Unconquered Sun.

  • Faziad il Rabin and Dōmr Blæwaz go ahead on Turpin the Robust’s and Sam Trout’s ship, The Wicked Bitch while Jasper, Kiran, Eclipse, and Edelbert the Wrong follow on The Teary Maid.
  • Dōmr and Faziad have their own adventures,which should be chronicled here. At some point Dōmr creates an immortal undead horse.
  • When Kiran and Jasper arrive, our heroes and their retinues split into teams and begin to trek northward toward the doom.
  • Jasper, Eclipse, and the local guide form the advance scouting team, while Kiran, Faziad, and one of Kiran’s guards form the second team, with Dōmr, flitting between them using his newly-acquired magpie form.
  • Edelbert and a couple of additional guards, plus a few halflings, form the rear-guard.
  • The heroes encounter a series of once-human (and once-animal) monstrosities, corrupted by the foulest of magic, and eventually come upon a ruined keep. Consolidating their forces, they break into the keep, which they find to be packed to the rafters with dead ghosts.
  • Dōmr asks the ghosts what’s up, and learns that a great evil was sealed here long ago, and the unsealed by a subsequent expedition.
  • Our heroes delve into the catacombs, where they find a dwarf helplessly reading from a book on a pedestal and arguing with himself. Various attempts to cover the book fail pyroctechnically, even Jasper’s attempt to blind the reader with illusion magic (incidentally killing the dwarf). Dōmr then destroys the tome, severing one of the Doom’s anchors to this world, and receives a vision of a massive demonic entity pinned to a mountaintop throne by The Sword of Storms.



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