Three Seas

That's a Big... Statue

Get Some Culture in You

Kiran, Jasper, and Abbud Taneen found themselves amidst the bizarre Festival of the Redressing, the annual event in the height of summer when the Tauron Unification Church tears the massive tattered robes from the Nixor Lux and replaces them with new clothing sewn together from the cast-off sails of all the ships outfitted at Arafel throughout the previous year.

Neither Kiran nor Abbud had ever seen the festival, both being relatively new in Arafel, and so Jasper took it upon himself to show them his favorite place for viewing the festivities. From the bell tower of the defunct temple of Ryzor the Munificent.

While they were up there, the trio encountered one of the many small performing troupes who parade through the streets on Redressing Day. In this case, a Dwarf dressed as Tauron the Pious followed three women of various races who were all covered in green body paint and dressed in hideous mouldy rags. “Tauron” whipped the women through the streets with a leather strap while they hurled obscenities and curses at everyone they passed.

As they walked past, Jasper threw strings of tiny wooden beads down to the performers, and “Tauron” obliginly strung them over his fake horns. Other passersby similarly tossed beads, fake coins and bits of bread at the passing performers, but at this point the trio of heroes were distracted as the Rending began.

The Rending, as it turned out, consisted of Priests of Tauron hanging from the robes of the Nixor Lux and allowing themselves to plummet, supported only by their traditional kukri knives, which tore the robes into strips. Two of the priests fell off while the trio watched, and despite Abbud’s attempt to stop her, Kiran, unable to resist the need to help those in pain, dropped down from the tower and ran to the base of the massive statue.

Forcing their way through the crowd, the trio found the two priests with broken legs been rapidly buried beneath the falling sailcloth. Between them, Abbud and Jasper managed to rescue the two injured men from the heap, and Kiran healed them. One of the two priests had a hold vision as Kiran knelt over him, and declared that she was a Saint of Tauron. For her troubles, she was handed the first strip of the torn robes of the statue, a holy cloth of white which is always damp and cool to the touch.

While they watched the priests being led away, Kiran noticed something odd – as she pressed her fingers against the base of the Nixor Lux, Kiran saw that water was flowing freely down the statue – it was actually a gigantic fountain! However, before she could investigate further, Abbud, concerned with how the City Watch might feel about a silly Elf girl touching the most important landmark in Arafel on a holiday dedicated to that landmark, picked Kiran up and ran with her all the way to her clinic as she tried to retain a shred of dignity as her diaphanous Lashmirii robes tangled around her ankles.


It should be noted that Jasper went out of his way to make his companions’ first Rending memorable, treating them to dinner in the gnomish undercity afterward, and having chosen the roof of the temple of Ryzor as it afforded the best view to demonstrate the ancient dwarves’ decision to make a 500’ tall minotaur statue — one that is ritually stripped yearly — anatomically correct.

That's a Big... Statue

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