Dromos Kagano

Pater Familias of Dwarven House Kagani


As head of the most prominent of the Twelve Houses, Dromos is the most powerful Dwarf in Arafel. While he does not have absolute authority, Dromos has over the years built a coalition out of seven of the Houses, so that with few exceptions, he is effectively given a rubber stamp on all but the most important policy decisions in the city.

Dromos lives in the largest villa on the North Shore, in a palatial building that rivals the palace of the Dragonkins’ Divine Listener in the south. The Kagani Estate includes a profitable winery, mill, and a renowned Garum house, making Dromos fabulously wealthy in the process – but only so long as he is able to maintain the status quo. In service of stability, Dromos’ reputation has taken on a double edge. On one hand, he’s known to be even-handed in his dealings with citizens of the city, who regularly petition him for an audience and advising. On the other hand, Dromos can be absolutely vicious when crossed, though few survive his wrath to explain exactly how that can be avoided.

Dromos Kagano

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