Odrigg Vorn

Emissary of the Mountainborn


Odrigg Vorn is not actually an emissary. The title is a joke, because the Mountainborn are anarchists. Odrigg does, however, have sway among the Mountainborn humans living in Arafel. He’s also a de facto leader when it comes to fighting for human rights in the city. Despite the profligacy of the human birthrate and population in the city, humans are still considered legally null – they have no protection and no recourse, since they don’t actually exist for purposes of jurisdiction. Odrigg wants to change this, and has even begun to make overtures to the Seaborn to make this happen – not a popular move among his countrymen, but he has publicly declared that if anyone else wants to take the job of talking to the Midgets and Snakes, they’re welcome to step in.

So far, nobody has.

Odrigg Vorn

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