Dragonkin Stunts

The most typical Draginkin stunts are Breath of the Dragon (see below) or Dragonbreath (see Dragon Magic). In addition, because dragonkin natively qualify for the Dragon Magic skill, all of the stunts for that skill could be considered dragonkin stunts. They also qualify for the following Stunts:

Breath of the Dragon (Shoot stunt) – You can make Shoot attacks up to two zones away with a spray of scalding, caustic venom, and are akways considered capable of making such an attack unless specific conditions (a specific boost or advantage created against you) prevents you from doing so.
Potent Venom (Shoot stunt; requires Breath of the Dragon) – You gain a +2 bonus to Shoot rolls to attack with Breath of the Dragon.
Blazing Swath (Shoot Stunt; requires Breath of the Dragon) – You can attack a whole zone using Breath of the Dragon.

Wings of the Dragon (Athletics Stunt) – You have wings. You can use your Athletics skill to fly, and thus to reach zones normally beyond your reach and to create additional advantages for yourself based on the options these wings provide, such as “In Flight,” and when you do so, you gain an extra free invoke on that advantage.
Swift Wing (Athletic Stunt; requires Wings of the Dragon) – When you move between Zones, you may ignore a single negative situation aspect that flight could allow you to circumvent.

Armored Scales (Physique Stunt) – When you would take physical harm, reduce the damage you would take by 2 shifts.

Teeth of the Dragon (Fight Stunt) – You have sharp teeth and claws. Gain +2 to all unarmed Fight attacks when you can bring your teeth or claws to bear.

Aura of Dragonfear (Provoke Stunt) – You can use Provoke to make fear-based mental attacks against your own Zone without penalty (If the GM allows Provoke attacks against a whole zone without a Stunt, then you instead gain a +2 bonus to Zone attacks with Provoke). You may exclude yourself and any allies you choose from the attack.

Dragonkin Healing (Physique Stunt) – Once per session, you can spend a Fate point to begin the healing process for any physical consequences you are suffering without anyone rolling for a recovery action.
Rapid Regeneration (Physique Stunt; requires Dragonkin Healing) – Once per session, you can spend a Fate point to reduce the time needed to recover from a physical consequence. This allows you to heal a severe consequence in the space of a session or a moderate consequence within a scene. If used for a Mild consequence during the middle or end of a scene, the consequence vanishes at the beginning of the next scene instead of some time in the middle.

Dragonkin Stunts

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