Elves hail primarily from the eastern Expanse, a seemingly endless landmass that stretches farther from Arafel than any known person has ever been capable of exploring. Folklore claims that the Expanse does not have an end, nor does it ever cease to change. This reflects, at least, on the characteristics of the Elven people, whose connection to the earth and sea is intimate and endemic.

Wherever Elves go, they connect to their environment, subsisting on only what can be found, cultivating and shaping life, but (at least in their view) never disrupting it. Even their physiology changes to suit their surroundings, so that as and Elf travels from desert to mountaintop, her skin will thicken, her body become stronger and lighter, and her need for food and water adapt to what is available. An Elf can eat anything, as long as it is seasonally appropriate to do so.

Elves are even capable, given time, of adapting to cities, though they are less inclined to do so by nature, and have a tendency to take longer than they would in “natural” environs. Thus, Arafel has come over the years to boast of a stock of so-called “City Elves,” who have slowly changed the city even as it has changed them.

The most powerful Elven empire to date has been the Unconquered Sun, of course, though there have been innumerable other attempts to wrest control from the Dwarves once and for all. After the fall of the Unconquered Sun, the Elves just east of Arafel collapsed into the Elven Federation, a system of small kingdoms who act in conjunction (or not) to maintain some sense of stability and foster a more-or-less peaceful period of history. However, there is in the far East a new empire rising, the Second Sun, which has been much more violent even than its predecessor, and nevertheless carries with it an allure for Elves who would love nothing more than to see the Cities of the Threefold Empire washed away under the tide of nature’s wrath.


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