Halfling Stunts

The default Stunts for halflings are Tiny (see below) and Voice of the Clan (see below) to represent the very interconnected halfling social network. In addition, halflings qualify for the following Stunts:

Voice of the Clan (Contacts Stunt; requires Halfling) – Halfling genealogy is baffling and confusing to outsiders, but anywhere a halfling goes, she can be sure to find relatives already there and running a small business. Unless in an entirely deserted area where Contacts would be useless anyway, your Contacts rolls cannot take penalties or encounter obstacles from a lack of friendly connections.

Tiny (Stealth Stunt) – You gain a +1 bonus when using Athletics or Stealth to hide behind any sort of cover or move through small spaces.

Uncanny Opportunism (Resources Stunt; requires Halfling) – Twice per session, you get a free boost to Resources to represent some bit of otherwise innocuous merchandise you just happen to have come across that would sweeten the trade you’re trying to make.

Creature Comforts (Resources Stunt; requires Halfling) – Halflings know the healing power of good food and a comfortable bed. When you have a suitable market at your disposal, you may use Resources in place of Empathy or Rapport when rolling for mental recovery.

Brilliant Salesman (Resources Stunt; requires Halfling) – Once per scene, when you succeed on an Empathy, Rapport, or Deceive check to make a sale, you can also create an additional advantage for your next Resources roll.

Halfling Stunts

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