Items and Gear

The Fate system does not natively rate game effects for items and gear. Equipment normally just permits actions – you can’t use Shoot without a bow, for example, and cannot use Crafts without tools. Such basic equipment is normally presumed along with the skill in question. Sometimes plot conditions or common sense preclude having such tools available.

Pretty much everything else is handled using situational aspects. With a suitable Crafts or Resources roll, you could create an advantage like “Well-Equipped,” and a free invoke or two on that new aspect to boost whatever undertaking for which you had equipped yourself. In combat, you could use Fight to create advantages against an enemy such as “Disarmed” or “Broken Shield” to give you boosts during battle. But there is no functional difference beyond that between wielding a battleaxe, a dagger, or one’s fists in battle (see below for exceptions); it’s all a matter of narrative convenience, and people are typically assumed to have the tools on-hand to do the job.

Specific Gear and Aspects:
Specific items in your character’s possessions may function as temporary Aspects. If the equipment you carry is iconic, such as your dwarf’s lucky axe or his faithful steed (anything identifying, but not significant enough to qualify as an Extra (at the cost of an Aspect, a skill point, or points of refresh), a given piece of gear can be reflected by additional conditional Aspects. Gear aspects can be invoked for or against you like any other Aspect.

Any specific gear you possess should be represented by two aspects: the Gear or Function Aspect that describes the item’s purpose, and its Flaw Aspect that describes its problems or shortcomings. Some gear might have additional Aspects, depending on its qualities.
For example, the aspects of a dwarf’s prized warhammer might look like this:
Gear Aspect: Dwarfmetal Warhammer
Flaw Aspect: Heavy and Unwieldy

a suit of chainmail armor might loo like this:
Gear Aspect: Chaimail Armor
Flaw Aspect: Heavy and Flexible

While a sword of Radhna Amber that you stole from a visiting elven dignitary might look more like this:
Gear Aspect: Radhna Amber Longsword
Flaw Aspect: Difficult to Service
Additional Aspect: Valuable
Additional Aspect: Sturdy
Additional Aspect: Stolen

Special Equipment
Below are examples of some special equipment that do have additional special effects:

Healing Potions

There are also a variety of Life-Shaped Creations, such as the examples below:
Radhna Amber Equipment
Elven Ironwood

Items and Gear

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