Life-Shaping (Skill; Requires Elf): Life-Shaping is the ability that elves use in place of conventional Crafts. Elves are hostile to most conventional concepts of technology, believing them to be “unnatural.” Elves instead shape the living world to suit their needs.

Life-Shaping is very similar to Nature Magic, but it is not actually magical. Life-shaping allows you to sculpt very specific, discrete changes onto a subject to suit your needs, and such transformations are often longer-lasting than those of Nature Magic, in extremis lasting multiple generations. Whereas Nature Magic is useful to evoke, replicate, and encourage existing natural forms, such as summoning swarms of paper wasps or causing a tree to simply grow rapidly, life-shaping is useful for fine adjustments to organic properties, such as altering the nature of the fruit that tree produces, or adjusting the wasps’ nesting habits to produce viable paper. Nature magic is extreme, but limited to forms that already exists, whereas life-shaping, while slower and less spectacular, permits the creation of new forms.

Life-shaping and some forms of magic actually work together quite well, as in the creation of Radhna Amber (see the Amber Sculptor Stunt, below).

Overcome: Life-shaping can be used to create, construct, or shape tools and equipment from living material, or to adjust the functions of a simple life-form.
Create an Advantage: You can use Crafts to create aspects representing features of a living thing or piece of elven equipment, pointing out or even creating useful features or strengths you can use to your advantage (Brute Strength, Chameleon Skin_) or a vulnerability for you to exploit (_Sensitive to Light or Overheats Easily).
Attack: Life-shaping cannot normally used to attack in combat, except when operating large elven siege weaponry, but it can be used to create favorable Aspects such as Fierce Claws or Sword of Thorns.
Defend: Life-Shaping is normally not used to defend.
Life-Mending (Life-Shaping Stunt) – You can use Life-Shaping to make recovery rolls from physical consequences.
Metamorph (Life-Shaping Stunt) – Whenever you create an advantage that involves altering your own form, such as “Thick Skin” or “Savage Teeth,” you gain an extra free invoke on that advantage.
Amber Sculptor (Life-Shaping Stunt; requires either Earth Magic or Nature Magic) – When you use Life-Shaping to extrude objects from wood resin, anything you create gains Radhna Amber Equipment as part of its Aspect, and you gain a free invoke on both its gear aspect and its flaw aspect.


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