Radhna Amber Equipment

The Elves of Radhna have blended their conventional Life-Shaping and Nature Magic with old Dwarven Earth Magic, shaping wood and earth together as a harmonious whole. One of the results of this marriage of arts is the ability to rapidly harden the resin of trees into amber.

In addition to all the normal qualities of an item of its type, a Radhna amber item is considered especially strong and durable, which can usually be invoked as part of its Gear Aspect, but it is also difficult to service or maintain (requiring an elf with the Amber Sculptor Stunt to do so, and is very expensive to replace or have serviced, which is usually worked into its Flaw Aspect (although in some pieces, such as jewelry, its material value might instead be part of its equipment aspect).

The purchase difficulty of a Radhna Amber item is the same as any normal item of a more common material, but its “Valuable” Aspect is usually invoked against the purchaser for a +2 increase to the difficulty.

Amber that has trapped a creature, such as a spider or an insect, a flower or even a tiny vertebrate, is especially prized (at least among the Radhna) because the Radhna believe that such items contain the dead creature’s essence. Such an item might be more expensive, but rarely has any other properties.

With GM permission, you might include an additional Aspect such as “Spirit of the Wasp” or something similar on such a item.

Radhna Amber Equipment

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