Three Seas uses the default skills of the Fate Core system: Athletics, Burglary, Contacts, Crafts, Deceive, Drive, Empathy, Fight, Investigate, Lore, Notice, Physique, Provoke, Rapport, Resources, Shoot, Stealth, and Will.
With GM permission, players may choose to adjust or tweak certain skills to suit their interests. A player might replace “Fight” with “Swashbuckling,” for example, if he wanted to be more specialized or add an additional flair to his sheet.
Such tweaks do have consequences; altering the name of a skill has some reflection on its function, so always clear a skill modification with the GM before finalizing your character.

Exemplary Stunts for these Skills can be found at this link

Additional default Stunts for Three Seas can be found in the Stunts entry of this Wiki.

Three Seas also includes 13 distinct schools of Magic, most of which are Skills, and two special variations on Crafts Skills.


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