There are a handful of general stunts that help to define the scope and tone of this setting. Stunts related to the use of magic in this setting can be found in the entries on Magic.

Setting non-specific Stunts can be found here

Three Seas Stunts

Physique Stunts
Tough it Out (Will Stunt) – You can use Will or Physique to recover from mental or physical consequences, respectively, though you still experience the difficulty increase for performing a recovery action on yourself.

Hybrid Vigor (Physique Stunt; requires a hybrid Racial Aspect) – You gain a +2 bonus Physique to rolls to resist diseases and toxins.

In addition to being defined by Racial Aspects each race also has its own list of Stunts that identify and define particular racial abilities.

Dragonkin Stunts
Dwarf Stunts
Elf Stunts
Gnome Stunts
Halfling Stunts
Jinn Stunts
Minotaur Stunts


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