The Elven Federation

The Wake of Empire

In the wake of the fall of the Unconquered Sun, the Elven swarms lacked a central unifying force, and subsequently developed into a series of smaller successor kingdoms, all still loosely held together by a council of monarchs and representatives. Being Elves, the Federation does not exist with boundaries and districts so much as a natural inclination to gather in a particular place. The nature of Elves is such that there is a lot of mobility between the Kingdoms, and individuals will often shift from one to another for love and money.

The Kingdoms


Kingdom of the Weavercocks

Nomads in a drifting tent city rumored to be woven in a single piece, the Lashmirii keep two main flocks – one is responsible for maintaining the city itself, and the other is reserved for “smaller” projects like clothing and other cloth goods, which the Lashmirii trade with their neighbors in exchange for a broad range of services and goods.

The Lashmirii live as a commune, and when required hold elections to determine who will become a delegate to the Great Council. No Lashmirii can hold the Delegation more than twice in one lifetime, though exceptions can be made in the case of emergencies (which must nevertheless be argued among the people at length before anything is done).


Ambersmiths who tend the Singing Caverns, the Radthanii have created a network of temples in the deep southern jungles, intertwined with the roots of the great ironwood network spreading for miles in all directions.

Matriarchal society ruled by a single family line from long before the first Unconquered Sun, the line is always safe, because the Radthanii matriarchs are famously fecund. Radthanii do not care about parental lineage for the most part, and children are raised communally.


Mountain aescetics who commune with clouds and stars, the Pallava have built majestic whistling reed towers and singing bridges between the mountaintops of the Central Range. The Pallava are deeply inclined to musical and philosophical pursuits, and subsist on the berries of the Roti trees that grow against the high cliff faces. The Pallava have the lowest birth-rate of the Elven kingdoms, but are also the longest-lived, which they attribute to their time drinking from the pools of water that condense out of the high mountain air. No one fucks with the Pallava, because no one can reach them when they don’t want to be reached.


Great Plains riders who rely on the wandering herds of Auron Bull Horses. The Tyrrkuk rely on onyx shale for the bulk of their trade, and subsist for the most part on fermented milk and blood from the Aurons. They tend to live in temporary settlements built from mud, grass, and bricks of dried dung which crumble after a few months if not maintained. There is rumored to be a city in the central plains where the Tyrrkuk gather for festivals and to settle disputes, but if it exists, they have kept its location remarkably well-hidden over the centuries.

The Tyrrkuk rely on a patriarchal division of labor, with the men protecting settlements, gathering supplies and supporting the women, who are more likely to raise children and engage in trade with outsiders.

Tsieu Bao

The Baoan reside primarily in a great bamboo forest east of the Pallava Range, and are the great warrior poets of the Elven Federation – they harvest paper from the bark of specially cultivated trees, and write with ink teased from the larvae of a species of blue beetle found in the cores of the bamboo trees. No one has any idea what the Baoan eat, because they believe it’s uncivilized to eat in front of others. However, the Baoan are also great archers whose weapons are harvested from arrowgrass specially grown in hidden paddies guarded behind the woven walls of their bamboo palaces. They also use spider silk.

Baoan society is very closed-off, and so little is known to outsiders about how they organize themselves. Baoan emissaries never explain their position relative to the power structure of the Baoanese government, and it is considered extremely rude to ask for bona fides.

The Elven Federation

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