The Crown of Tides

The DIadem of Tides
Ancient Mystical Artifact
Shapes the Seas of Malkuth
Always Calling Water
Stronger When Nearer to the Earth

Known History
The Crown of Tides is thought to be one of a set of three artifacts, also including The Sword of Storms and a magical “orb” of unknown nomenclature but its true origins are not known.

What is known (by our intrepid heroes, anyway, as well as a select number of Tauron priests) is that it at some point came into the possession of Tauron the Pious and his traveling companion, Aisha of the Nameless, who eventually concealed the diadem atop the Nixor Lux in an attempt to limit its influence over the land below.

It has also been stated by Patir the Staid that the Crown’s power grows over time and that its presence is the cause of seas in some places and deserts in others, as it draws all the waters of Makluth to itself. It is also believed that whenever the Crown of Tides and the The Sword of Storms are brought together with the Orb, then great disasters occur.

The Crown of Tides

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